Helping Muslim parents navigate the modern challenges of raising a strong & loving Muslim family.

Our goal is to provide Muslim parents with the resources they need to nurture Muslim children who are successful in this world and confident in their faith.



Create meaningful and relatable content that provides practical solutions to the issues that Muslim parents experience.


Build a community of Muslim parents who share the same goal of raising children who are confidentally Muslim.


Produce effective resources and materials to assist Muslim parents to nurture happier families based on Islamic values.


We are a team of Muslim parents who understand the struggle.

Our team consists of young Muslim parents who can relate to many of the challenges of other parents. We are motivated by our own children’s future and are striving to build a better future not just for them, but for all Muslim children alike.

Zahira Mamdani
Chief Editor
Noshin Bokht
Deputy Editor
Haseeb Rizvi
MJ Gulamhussein


Muslim parents are facing unprecedented challenges.

Millennial Muslims in the West are experiencing parenthood and raising a Muslim family in a completely new paradigm to their own upbringing.

They are facing unprecedented challenges whilst trying to nurture Muslim children who are successful in this life, without compromising their Islamic beliefs and identity.

The overwhelming pressure of modern lives and external societal influences disrupt the harmony in and even break Muslim families. It can be hard to find practical, relevant and relatable solutions for the hurdles that Muslim parents are collectively facing in varying ways.

There seems to be little content, conversation and support specifically addressing the millennial Muslim parent experience.

Left unchecked, these problems won’t go away. Instead, they will become more ingrained and toxic to the next generation of Muslim children.

We feel the struggles of Muslim families are critically needed conversations – which have a short window to affect positive change.

We want to create a dedicated space for an honest, relevant, and authentic discussion about Muslim families’ challenges and experiences. Source practical solutions and relevant ideas from the Muslim community – for religious and general parental hurdles.

We aim to build a community of Muslim parents who share the same ambition; a family which is strong, loving and in harmony with Islam. We plan to develop empathy and understanding between different Muslim families who are facing their own set of challenges.

Our ambition is to produce practical resources and guides to help Muslim parents navigate specific and often-time sensitive family issues.


A dedicated space to support young Muslim families.

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