Best Nasheeds about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Dive into the profound world of nasheeds, highlighting the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Nasheeds have long been an essential part of Islamic culture, echoing beliefs, values, and stories that resonate deeply within our souls. Among the vast ocean of nasheeds available, those dedicated to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ hold a special place in the hearts of many.

These musical pieces, often void of instruments, encapsulate his teachings, life, and the reverence Muslims hold for him. Whether you’re a long-time listener or new to the world of nasheeds, this curated list promises to take you on a harmonious journey, bringing you closer to the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Our aim? To guide you through the must-hear nasheeds about Prophet Muhammad for your and family to enjoy.

Sami Yusuf – The Praised One

Sami Yusuf – Al-Mu’allim

Maher Zain – Ya Nabi Salam Alayka

Muad – Ya Muhammad

Maher Zain – Rahmatun Lil’Alameen

Mesut Kurtis – Burdah Maula Ya Salli (Arabic)

Atif Aslam – Mustafa Jaan E Rehmat (Urdu)

Atif Aslam – Tajdar-e-Haram

Sami Yusuf – Mustafa (live)

Zain Zohaib – Khazan-e-Rehmat (Urdu)

Zain Zohaib – Hoon Khara (Urdu)

Zain Zohaib – Noor-e-Khuda (Urdu)

Zain Zohaib – Rehmate-e-Do Jahaan

Khaled Siddiq – Salatullah Salamullah

Khaled Siddiq – The Moon

Zain Khan ft. Omar Esa – Ya Muhammad

Khaled Siddiq ft. Baraka Boys – Ya Habibi

Safe Adam – Allahumma


As we wrap up this melodic exploration of nasheeds centred on Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, we hope you find a renewed sense of connection and devotion. These nasheeds, rich in lyrical depth and vocal beauty, offer more than just a listening experience; they’re a spiritual journey, a reminder of our beloved Prophet’s legacy.

Whether you choose to listen during quiet reflection or share them in gatherings, may these nasheeds about Prophet Muhammad ﷺ serve as a source of inspiration, peace, and profound spiritual connection. Dive in, let the melodies envelop you, and draw closer to the heart of Islam.

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