7 Heartfelt Activities to Engage Your Kids This Weekend in Solidarity with Palestine

person holding green white and red flag

Transform your weekend into a meaningful journey of solidarity with Palestine through these engaging and heartfelt activities with your kids.

The turmoil in Palestine has left many of us feeling a mix of anger, sadness, and helplessness. As parents, we may find it hard to shield our children from our emotions or the harsh realities depicted in the news. It’s important to channel these emotions constructively, and what better way than through engaging, educational activities with our children?

This weekend, take a step towards educating your young ones about the situation in Palestine, instilling empathy, and encouraging actionable solidarity. Here are some activities you can do with your kids to show support for Palestine:

1. Recite Al-Fatiha before Meals

Start by reciting Surah Al-Fatiha before all meals, asking Allah to extend the blessings of your meal to the people who have been affected in Palestine. It’s a small gesture that fosters a sense of global Ummah in young hearts.

2. Bake Palestine-themed Cupcakes

Get creative in the kitchen by baking cupcakes with red, black, green, and white icing representing the Palestine flag. Sell these cupcakes to family, friends or at a local community event to raise funds for Palestinian aid efforts, or distribute them to attendees at local protests.

3. Create Protest Posters

Allow your kids to express their feelings and take an active part in your local community by creating protest posters. Slogans like “Free Palestine” or “Peace for Palestine” coloured in the theme of the Palestinian flag can be both engaging and educational.

4. Recite Dua Faraj as a Family

Recite Dua Faraj alongside its English translation, connecting with Imam Mahdi and asking Allah to hasten his and Prophet Isa’s (Jesus) return to resolve the crisis. It’s an opportunity to bond as a family and instill hope during these trying times.

5. Palestine Colouring Sheets

Download the Muslim Family Hub’s Palestine Colouring Sheets to let your children colour while learning about Palestine. The colouring sheets are specially created for kids aged 3-7 years, and are designed to spark curiosity, empathy, and a sense of solidarity with the people of Palestine. They feature simple outlines associated with Palestine including its flag, the iconic Masjid Al-Aqsa, and empowering slogans. Each sheet also carries a simple “Did You Know?” fact to make this activity both fun and educational.

Download Palestine Colouring Sheets

Additional Activities

Consider other activities such as watching educational videos together, reading books or attending community vigils. Tailor activities to suit the age and understanding of your child, ensuring a compassionate and supportive learning environment.

Engaging in these activities with your children not only fosters a deeper understanding and empathy towards the hardships faced by others but also empowers them to take small, actionable steps towards making a difference. Remember, every little effort counts, and educating our young is the first step towards a more compassionate world.


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