Resources to Create a Qur’anic Family

Looking for resources to make the Qur’an more exciting for your kids? Look no further! Here is a list of resources and products to spark your little ones’ excitement towards the Qur’an.

If you’ve got little ones at home and don’t follow Imaranali Khaki, you are missing out! Recently, I attended an online parents’ workshop run by brother Imranali where he spoke about how to create a Qur’anic family. Amongst other tips, tricks and suggestions, he provided an amazing list of resources that we can use to create a buzz around the Qur’an for our children. Here they are below:


Arabic alphabet foam mat. This can be used in fun ways to help the little ones identify the letters of the Arabic alphabet; jumping from letter to letter, Arabic alphabet Twister…the possibilities are endless!

Arabic alphabet fridge magnets because which kid doesn’t like fridge magnets?!

QuranoPhonics is a brilliant resource which uses humorous stories to make the letters of the Arabic alphabet memorable for children. It’s also a great alternative to the mainstream screen time we all feel so guilty about exposing our children to! Other videos like this and this can also be some good alternatives.

Kid-friendly Qur’ans and Qur’an holders can get them excited and more interested- there are so many options out there and the more personalised, the greater their excitement.

Posters which bring Qur’anic teachings to our day-to-day are a brilliant way to bring the Qur’an to life for our children (and ourselves!).

Instagram accounts such as Tanveer Shares, Xpress Quran, Quranic Ocean, Arabiq, and Something About Scripture are all educational and inspirational accounts to follow as parents.


Brother Imranali will be running a 3 part course for parents and families where he will delve deeper into creating this Qur’anic family. Here is where you can sign up! If the parents’ workshop was anything to go by, I highly recommend it!

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